For reasons we all know only too well, it’s been a difficult six months – not least, because it is still impossible to predict how things are going to pan out for the second half of the year, let alone into 2021.

I believe that by any standards our society has performed remarkably well.  Although Brocket Hall was our first golfing event, we have achieved a great deal during the period when golf clubs were closed.  We have launched our new website which, amongst other features, at last provides a simple and streamlined way for us to book and pay for events; we have started our popular 100 Club Monthly Draw (which alone will raise enough by the end of the year to pay for a Sunshine Coach) and brought in well in excess of £100,000 through the generosity of our members who responded so magnificently to my letter in March when the full significance of the effect of Covid 19 and its likely effect on our finances first came to light.

So, to all of you, a huge ‘thank you’. But I would also take this opportunity to express our appreciation to Jamie.  He has worked incredibly hard, virtually single-handedly, through this difficult time to come up with innovative and imaginative ideas for new events, as well as organising them brilliantly and offering us even more in terms of value for money than we have ever enjoyed before – not to mention repeatedly re-arranging our schedule for the rest of the year. As our Director of Golf he is totally committed and, in my experience, quite exceptional.

So far, so good – but, as for the rest of the year, we will have to wait to see.  However, one thing now seems pretty certain – we will not be able to hold our Annual Dinner in December, at least not in any recognisable shape or form.  Whatever the eventual outcome (and we can’t quite bring ourselves to cancel it yet!), as by far our most profitable event, it will leave a huge hole in our fundraising.  Our ambition is to present a Sunshine Coach every month for the rest of the year.  To do that we will need all the support we can get.

So, again, thank you for your loyalty and help to date.  As you will see below, we have a lot of golf coming up and I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am.