President’s Welcome

“If human beings can’t be happy when they are children then when can they be?”

I am proud to be President of such an amazing organisation.

We had another record-breaking year with nearly £2.5m raised providing 37 Sunshine Coaches to more than 40 different Special Needs Schools, Youth Centres and Children’s Hospices, and more importantly making an impact and difference to approximately 10,000 children. This is a magnificent achievement, all done by participating in the sport we love.

Again, we have seen a significant increase in our membership, with more members playing in more events and discovering the same unique camaraderie I have enjoyed for more than 50 years.

Please come on board, whether it be as a member, a sponsor or a corporate partner. Every penny goes toward Coaches for these deserving kids – remember that while many are enjoying a full life, others are not – particularly those special children who would never go to the seaside without their Sunshine Coach… and your help.

Jimmy Tarbuck OBE