We are delighted to have now provided Sensory Kits to 500 families with disabled and special needs children to help them cope better whilst having to look after their children at home during enforced home isolation. The provision of this tangible equipment is not being provided by any other charities at present.

Sensory Toys help children to relax, focus and calm down to a particular scenario or event and enable them to play more easily. The kits include items such as: Glow Gloves, Space Blanket, Ear Defenders and Sensory Stress Balls and many more. The packs were also accompanied by information offering parents practical ideas for how to turn everyday household items into sensory objects.

All 500 families have received their sensory packs and we have had some amazing feedback from both the children and families and have been sent some lovely photos of the children using them. Here’s a picture below of 10 year-old Harry who suffers with autism, ADHD and lung problems which means he has to shield indoors to protect from the Corona Virus.