Here’s a new idea! We thought we’d run some ‘Pop-Up’ events to keep us swinging during the Winter months.

These won’t be like our normal events – they’ll be arranged at short notice to take advantage of any spells of sunshine we might be lucky enough to get between now and when our proper season starts next March.

You might only get a few days’ notice but, if you’re free, you’ll be welcome! We’ll just charge the best group green fee we can negotiate with a bit on top to make sure our charity makes a small profit – no frills, no meals, no auctions, no entertainment, no prizes – just 18 holes at one of our great golf courses.

I’ll let you know by e-mail when these opportunities ‘pop-up’ – all you have to do is tell me you’d like to play, pay and turn up!

Numbers could be anything from ten to thirty, we might be playing in two or four-balls, it doesn’t matter – and, anyway, we won’t know until we try!

So, keep your eyes on the weather forecasts and look out for your first ‘Winter Pop-Up’ invitation. As soon as there is a dry spell, you’ll be the first to hear.